Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Walt "No Neck" Williams: A Natural-born Nickname

Walt "No Neck" Williams has a nickname that is truly accurate. No hyperbole here. But don't get caught up with the No Neck monitor to the extent that you overlook his baseball accomplishments.

No Neck compiled a lifetime .270 average during a career that include a very ultra-short stint with the Houston Colt .45s, and longer stays with the White Sox, Indians and Yankees. He batted lead-off for the White Sox and batted. .304 for them in 1969.

My pal Larry Lebowitz is looking at this post and saying, "Yup, that dude truly had no neck."

Some nicknames just roll off the tongue when you see the baseball card. No Neck is one of those.

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  1. No Neck Williams was truly an inspiration. I've seen a lot of ball players and games at every level ... but I've never seen any ball player hustle more than him. Any time one of these pampered and spoiled stars doesn't run out a groundball, they should be made to watch film of No Neck.... he remains one of my all time favorite ball players. I hope he is doing well.