Friday, March 9, 2012

Rob Dibble -- OK, I'm A Nasty Boy

Rob Dibble went to a small college called Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fla., and went on to become a hard-throwing reliever for the Reds from 1988-1993 and then pitched for the White Sox, Blue Jays and Brewers in 1995.

Rob was a two-time All-Star for the Reds and was a member of the 1990 Reds World Series champion team that featured him as a "Nasty Boy" in the bullpen.

Known for his fire and temper, Rob was a baseball analyst for ESPN and FOX and later was fired as the Nationals' TV broadcaster in 2010 for his comments regarding Nats pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

This 1992 Leaf Studio card captures Rob's personality quite well, don't you think?

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