Friday, March 9, 2012

Sammy Stewart -- Here's To You, Babe

The 1988 Fleer set was spice with some funny cards that evoke a smile.

Like this one of Sammy Stewart, a former Orioles, Red Sox and Indians reliever.

Unfortunately, life after the Big Leagues has not been very kind to Sammy.

According to Wikipedia, "in October 2006, Stewart began serving an eight-year sentence in a North Carolina prison on a felony drug charge, having been convicted as an "habitual felon". He has been charged 46 times with more than 60 offenses since 1988, and has spent 25 months in prison over six separate stints.

Sad ending to a career highlighted by winning the ERA title in 1981 with the Orioles, being a member of the 1983 World Series-winning Orioles club and having a sense of humor to pose for the Fleer photographers in 1989.

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